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International Journal Of Pukhtunkhwa | Volume 6 | Issue II | Jul-Dec 2021 (English & Pashto)

Serial#Paper NameAuthorPagesPaper Link
1A comparative study of pantheism in William Wordsworth and Mirza Khan Ansari’s PoetryShah Fahad
Mohammad Shafique
1-23Link to PDF
2Gendered Roles in Folk Games of South Pukhtunkhwa: Structural Analysis of Traditional Pakhtun Society
د سهيلي پښتونخوا د اولسي لوبو صنفي څېړنه: د روايتي پښتني ټولنې ساختياتي مطالعه
Rahima Kakar
Dr. Barakat Shah Kakar
24-36Link to PDF
3Origin and evolution of genre “Sehra” in Pashto literature
په پښتو ادب کښې د "سهرې" ابتداء او ارتقاء
Najeeb Zeeray
Saeed Ahmad Sayal Aman
37-47Link to PDF
4Numerology in Khushal Khan Khattak’s Poetry
د خوشحال بابا په شاعرۍ کښې د ابجد د کارونې څېړنه او شننه
Dr. Badshah Room (Ali Khel Daryab)48-61Link to PDF
5An overview of khushal khan khattak scholastic, religious and realistic poetry
د خوشحال خان خټک
دعلمي،مذهبي او حقيقي شاعرۍ يواجمالي جاج
Dr. Shukriya Qadir62-73Link to PDF
6Some National and Warlike Character mentioned in Pashto Tappa.
پښتو ټپه کښې ځينې قامي او جنګيالي کردارونه
Dr.Noor Muhammad (Danish Bettani)74-100Link to PDF
7Impacts of progressivism on the poetry of Ajmal khattak
د اجمل خټك په شاعرۍ د ترقي پسندۍ اثرات
M. Farooq Anjum101-118Link to PDF
8Life and literary contribution of Mian Karim Dad
ميا کريم داد ژوند او ادبي خدمات
Dr. Muhammad Ali Dinakhel
Dr. Syed Zafar Ullah Bakhshali
101-118Link to PDF
9Education In Swat State Under Mian Gul Abdul Wadood With Special Orientation To Pashtu As Medium of InstructionDr. Mohammad Sohail
Dr. Saira Irshad
119-139Link to PDF
10خدائي خدمت ګار تحريک کښې د علماؤ برخه
The role of religious scholars in Khudai Khidmatgar movement; (1921-47)
Dr. Mohammad Sohail140-154Link to PDF
11د ډاکټر ديدار يوسفزي په شعري مجموعه "شوکاڼي" کښې شهرآشوب

Shahre Ashoob (a city struck by catastrophes) elements in Dr. Didar Yousafzai’s poetic work Shokanay
Dr. Atta Ur-Rahman
Ms. Nagina BiBi
155-170Link to PDF
12د پښتو ژبې لنډ ارتقائي تاريخ او په ؤ، وھ يا وۀ کښې فرق
The short evolutionary History of Pashto Language and Difference between ؤ،وهـand وۀ

Shahre Ashoob (a city struck by catastrophes) elements in Dr. Didar Yousafzai’s poetic work Shokanay
Dr. Nasrullah Khan
Mr. Tufail Ahmad Zaryab Yousafzai
171-190Link to PDF