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International Journal Of Pukhtunkhwa | Volume 6 | Issue II | Jul-Dec 2021 (English & Pashto)

Serial#Paper NameAuthorPagesPaper Link
1A comparative study of pantheism in William Wordsworth and Mirza Khan Ansari’s PoetryShah Fahad
Mohammad Shafique
1-23Link to PDF
2Gendered Roles in Folk Games of South Pukhtunkhwa: Structural Analysis of Traditional Pakhtun Society
د سهيلي پښتونخوا د اولسي لوبو صنفي څېړنه: د روايتي پښتني ټولنې ساختياتي مطالعه
Rahima Kakar
Dr. Barakat Shah Kakar
24-36Link to PDF
3Origin and evolution of genre “Sehra” in Pashto literature
په پښتو ادب کښې د "سهرې" ابتداء او ارتقاء
Najeeb Zeeray
Saeed Ahmad Sayal Aman
37-47Link to PDF
4Numerology in Khushal Khan Khattak’s Poetry
د خوشحال بابا په شاعرۍ کښې د ابجد د کارونې څېړنه او شننه
Dr. Badshah Room (Ali Khel Daryab)48-61Link to PDF
5An overview of khushal khan khattak scholastic, religious and realistic poetry
د خوشحال خان خټک
دعلمي،مذهبي او حقيقي شاعرۍ يواجمالي جاج
Dr. Shukriya Qadir62-73Link to PDF
6Some National and Warlike Character mentioned in Pashto Tappa.
پښتو ټپه کښې ځينې قامي او جنګيالي کردارونه
Dr.Noor Muhammad (Danish Bettani)74-100Link to PDF
7Impacts of progressivism on the poetry of Ajmal khattak
د اجمل خټك په شاعرۍ د ترقي پسندۍ اثرات
M. Farooq Anjum101-118Link to PDF
8Life and literary contribution of Mian Karim Dad
ميا کريم داد ژوند او ادبي خدمات
Dr. Muhammad Ali Dinakhel
Dr. Syed Zafar Ullah Bakhshali
101-118Link to PDF