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Volume 8 | Issue I | Jan-Jun 2023 (English & Pashto)

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1Contextualizing Modernist English Fiction: A New Historicist Interpretation
د عصري انګلیسي افسانې متناقض کول: یو نوی تاریخ پوه تفسیر
Imdad Ullah Khan , Muhammad Rafiq , Aftab Ahmed
01-10Link to PDF
2Resistance of Religious Leaders of Swat Against The British Imperalism In The Nineteenth Century: An Appraisal
Asghar Khan
Dr. Kishwar Sultana
11-21Link to PDF
3Kalam Valley: A Historical Perspective on Its Annexation And Integration With Swat State (1915-1969)
Jalal Uddin
Dr. Kausar Parveen
22-41Link to PDF
4Status of Women and Challenges to Her Social, Political and Economic Empowerment in District Buner
Subhan Ali
Taqweem Ul Haq
Adil Ahmad
42-52Link to PDF
5Walking a Fine Line: Blending of Romantic Aestheticism and Progressive Idealism in Faiz Ahmad Faiz Poetry
د یوې ښې کرښې تګ: د فیض په شعر کې د رومانتيک جمالیات او پرمختللې ایډیالیزم ترکیب
Saif Ud Din
Imdad Ullah Khan
Sajid Ullah
53-64Link to PDF
6Representation of Gender in Balochi Proverbs
د یوې ښې کرښې تګ: د فیض په شعر کې د رومانتيک جمالیات او پرمختللې ایډیالیزم ترکیب
Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, Sadiq Saba, Dr. Abdul Rauf65-81Link to PDF
7The Conflict between the Modernists and the Traditionalists: An Overview of the Early Twentieth Century’s AfghanistanMohib Ullah
Abdul Qayum Khan
Salma Gul
82-95Link to PDF
8Research on description of wheat crops in Pashtu folklore ‘Tappa’
په ټپه کښې د غنمو د فصل او د غذائي اجناسو د ذکر عکاسي
Dr. Noorul Basar Aman
P-01-15Link to PDF
9د مشتاق مجروح يوسفزي ادبي خدماتو څيړنه
Literary worth of Mushtaq Majrooh Yousafzai
Shariq Ahmad Yousafzai
Dr. Zafarullah Bakhshali
P-16-28Link to PDF
10د ملاکنډ ډويژن د ښادۍ په دود دستور د جديديت اثراتMohammad Habib
Mazhar Ahmad
P-29-38Link to PDF
11د مولانا عبدالقدوس د مقدمه خير البيان تنقيدي جاجمحمد بلال
روحينه نجات
P-39-47Link to PDF
12د رحمت الله درد صاحب په شاعرۍ کښې مشرقي جماليات او فني جمال
Eastern Aesthetics and Artistic Beauty in the Poetry of
Rahmatullah Dard
Dr. Muhammad HaroonP-48-74Link to PDF
13د غني خان د ژوند او د شاعرۍ يوه تجزيه

An Analysis of Ghani Khan’s Life and Poetry
Muhammad Ali Dinakhel
Dr. Noorul Amin
P-75-86Link to PDF
14په پښتنه خاوره د ترهه ګرۍ په جنک کښې د "پښتون" مجلې کردار
The Role of Pakhton Magazine in War against Terrorism
Naveed Jamal
Dr Qadar wahid (samandar yousafzai)
P-87-97Link to PDF