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International Journal of Pukhtunkhwa | Volume 7 | Issue II | Jul-Dec 2022 (English & Pashto)

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1Relation of Avesta with Pashtu language; A critical study

اوېستا او له پښتو ژبې سره يې تړاو
Dr. Ajmal Khkoli.01-12Link to PDF
2An Analysis of Ideological and Critical Aspects of Drama Khudai Khidmatgar
د "خدائي خدمتګار" ډرامې فکري او تنقيدي جائزه
Dr. Syed Zafar Ullah Bakhshali

Dr. Tariq Khan
12-26Link to PDF
3د عالمه عبدالعلي اخونزاده د شاعرۍ هر اړخيزه جائزه
(Multilateral Analysis of Abdul Ali Akhunzada’s Poetry)
Hafeez Ur Rehman Dauran
Dr.Mohammad Farooq
28-47Link to PDF
4Syntactical Analysis of Pashto Language
د پښتو ژبې نحوياتي تجزيه
Khurshid Alam Khan
M. Anwar Aurakzai
Musharraf Khan
48-62Link to PDF
5Khushal Khan Khattak's PoetryDr. Nagina Khanum Nageen
Saeed Ahmad
63-78Link to PDF
6An Analytical Study: Pashto Tappa and Political Consciousness
پښتو ټپه کښې د سياسي شعور تجزياتي مطالعه

د تلویزیون کارپس کې د خپګان احساساتو د سیمانټیک ساحې څیړنه: د کارپس لخوا پرمخ وړل شوېتحقیق
Usman Ali (Olasyar) 79-94Link to PDF
7An overview of Dr Salma Shaheen's literary status
د ډاکټر سلمْی شاهين د ادبي مقام يو جاج
Uzma Gul 96-114Link to PDF
8A Review of Pashtuns Hujra in Urdu and Pashto Short storiesDr. Anwar Ali
Dr. Tahir Abbas Tayib
Zaiba Gulzar
115-129Link to PDF
9Assessment in Early Childhood Education Classrooms: Perceptions and Practices of Teachers in Pakistan
د ماشومتوب د لومړنیو زده کړو په ټولګیو کې ارزونه: په پاکستان کې د ښوونکو نظرونه او کړنې
Uzma Dayan
Bibi Kulsoom
130-146Link to PDF
10Dispute Resolution Councils in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: The Personification of JirgasShah Nawaz
Prof. Dr Shahida Aman
147-157Link to PDF
11Relevance Theory and Balochi Proverbs: Exploring Matriarchy through Implicatures and ExplicaturesDurdana Rafique
Dr Zia ur Rehman
158-180Link to PDF
12An Analytical Study of Swat Namah of Khushhal Khan Khattak
د خوشحال خان خټک د سوات نامی تنقیدی جائیزه
Syed Wali Shah Haider Nawaz 191-201Link to PDF
13The role of Mullah Arzani Kheshki, a disciple of Roshanist movement in promotion of Pashtu literature
د پښتو شاعرۍ په وده کښې د روښاني تحريک غړي د ملا ارزاني خوېشکي کردار
Dr. Shazia Naz
Dr Sajjad Elahi
202-214Link to PDF
14A Brief historical overview of Lexicography in Pashto Language

په پښتو ژبه کې د قاموس ليکنې لنډ تاريخي جاج
Prof.Dr. Rafiullah Niazi 215-224Link to PDF
15‘You have Two Cows’: Animal FarmSheher Bano Kazmi
Shahzeb Shafi
Muhammad Zulqarnain
225-237Link to PDF
16Phonological and Orthographical Impacts on Reading Comprehension of Second Language Learners of English: A Psycholinguistic AnalysisZainab Farooq
Farhan Farid
Mansoor Hassan
238-253Link to PDF
17د ماشومانو په تعليم او تربيت کښې د قيصې اهميت او ضرورت
The Need and Importance of Story in the Education and Training of Children
Dr. Noorul Basar 254-265Link to PDF
18Situational Uses of Proverbs in Pakhtoon Community: Dominance in DiscourseDr Qadar wahid
Noor ul Islam
266-282Link to PDF
19د خوشحال خان خټک د شعري ترکيبونويوه تحقيقي جائزه
An exploratory review of lyrical compositions in Khushal Khan Khattak’s Poetry.
Dr. Badshah.i.Room
Muhammad Naqeeq
283-291Link to PDF
20A Short historical prospective of Ashnaghar
د اشنغر د سيمې لنډه تاريخي جائزه
Sher Akbar
Dr Ahmad Ali Ajiz
292-302Link to PDF
21The Plea of Sahib Shah Sabir on the contradiction of brutality and tyranny
Muhammad Tahir Bostan Khan
Dr.Saira Irshad
Dr Anwar Ali
303-313Link to PDF